Personalized Learning

The Big Ideas Math program offers teachers and students many ways to personalize and enrich the learning experience of all levels of learners.

Girl holding Big Ideas Math Algebra 1 book.

Lesson Tutorials Online

Two-to-three-minute lesson tutorials provide colorful visuals and audio support for every example in the textbook. The Lesson Tutorials are valuable for students who miss a class, need a second explanation, or just need some help with a homework assignment. Parents can also use the tutorials to stay connected or to provide additional help at home.

Boy Holding Laptop showing the student page of Big Ideas Math.

The Dynamic Student Edition

This unique tool provides students with 21st century learning tools making it easier to directly interact with the underlying mathematics. From the dynamic student textbook to engaging tutorials, students use electronic manipulatives, flashcards and games to enhance their learning and understanding of math.

Differentiated Instruction

Through print and digital resources, the Big Ideas Math program completely supports the 3-Tier Response to Intervention model. Using research-based instructional strategies, teachers can reach, challenge and motivate each student with germane, high quality instruction targeted to individual needs.

Customized Instruction

Print Option

The print Teaching Edition provides teachers with help through Laurie’s Notes and other features that help manage the classroom. The Chapter Resource Book, Skills Review Handbook and Assessment Book complete a teaching array that makes it easy for the teacher to differentiate, assess and teach.

Digital Option

Teachers can use 21st century technology tools found throughout the program to provide exciting ways to stimulate learning. These tools provide innovative electronic activities, timely feedback, and measures for accurate assessment.

Blended Option

Teachers will find that using the blended option provides them a multitude of ways to teach, differentiate, and assess. Teachers and students can customize their teaching and learning by blending the power of creative technology tools with the accessibility of print resources. Rich content and the combination of creative print and online resources allows for an engaging and challenging approach to teaching the Common Core State Standards.

The Dynamic Classroom

Projected Dynamic Classroom with Teacher

Regardless of the option you choose for your students, The Dynamic Classroom will be one of your most valued tools in the Big Ideas Math program. This powerful tool can be used with interactive whiteboards, and includes the following:

  • Chapter Openers
  • Start Thinking!
  • Warm Ups
  • Record and Practice Journal Pages
  • Virtual Manipulatives
  • On Your Own Exercises
  • Extra Examples
  • Mini Assessments
  • Closure Activities
  • Graphic Organizers
  • Mathematical Practices
  • Answer Presentation Tool