Differentiated Instruction

Opening Doors to Learning

Differentiating the Lesson Ancillary

Two primary concerns while developing the Big Ideas Math program were the diversity of the student population and their different learning profiles. The authors developed a curriculum that helps teachers create classrooms that concentrate on learner needs by using the Universal Design for Learning model (UDL). The curriculum is designed to incorporate a wide variety of options, offering materials, methods, and assessments, so it is flexible and accommodating of individual student needs. By using Differentiated Instruction, teachers can open doors to learning that students are unable to open themselves.

English Language Learners

The Big Ideas Math program recognizes that English Language Learners (ELL) are a highly heterogeneous and complex group of students with diverse gifts, educational needs, backgrounds, languages, and goals. The writers used researched-based recommendations to develop a program specifically to assist these learners. In addition to global support, such as curriculum organized around Essential Questions involving both reading and writing, the program includes at-point-of-use ELL notes for the teacher; Family and Community Letters; ebooks with audio (English and Spanish); and a visual glossary.

Differentiating the Lesson Ancillary

Differentiating the Lesson, an online ancillary available at BigIdeasMath.com, provides complete teaching notes and worksheets that address the needs of the diverse learners in the classroom. The lessons engage students in activities that often incorporate visual learning and kinesthetic learning. Some lessons present an alternative approach to teaching the content while other lessons extend the concepts of the text in a challenging way for advanced students. Each chapter of Differentiating the Lesson begins with an overview of the differentiated lessons in the chapter, and describes the students who would most benefit from the approach used in each lesson.