Scope and Sequence

Big Ideas Math: Advamced Pathway Books, Fanned Out

Advanced Pathway

Grade 6 - Advanced 1

Ratios and Proportional Relationships - Understand Ratio Concepts; Use Ratio Reasoning; Analyze Proportional Relationships
The Number System - Perform Fraction and Decimal Operations; Understand Rational Numbers; Perform Rational Number Operations
Expressions and Equations - Write, Interpret, and Use Expressions, Equations, and Inequalities; Generate Equivalent Expressions; Solve Problems Using Linear Equations
Geometry - Solve Problems Involving Area, Surface Area, and Volume
Statistics and Probability - Summarize and Describe Distributions; Understand Variability

Grade 7 - Advanced 2

The Number System - Approximate Real Numbers; Perform Real Number Operations
Expressions and Equations - Solve Problems Using Linear Inequalities; Use Radicals and Integer Exponents; Connect Proportional Relationships and Lines; Solve Systems of Linear Equations
Functions - Define, Evaluate, and Compare Functions; Model Relationships
Geometry - Understand Geometric Relationships; Solve Problems Involving Angles, Surface Area, and Volume; Understand Congruence and Similarity; Apply the Pythagorean Theorem
Statistics and Probability - Analyze and Compare Populations; Find Probabilities of Events; Analyze Bivariate Data

Grade 8 - Algebra 1

Number and Quantity - Use Rational Exponents; Perform Real Number Operations
Algebra - Solve Linear and Quadratic Equations; Solve Inequalities and Systems of Equations
Functions - Define, Evaluate, and Compare Functions; Write Sequences; Model Relationships
Geometry - Apply the Pythagorean Theorum
Statistics and Probability - Represent and Interpret Data; Analyze Bivariate Data