About Big Ideas Learning

Big Ideas Learning, LLC was founded to create instructional materials that provide a coherent mathematics curriculum to support world-class mathematics education. We are working with educators in every step of the development process. Using mathematical and pedagogical research, our middle school mathematics program focuses on fewer topics at each grade level. The goal of the program is to provide a narrower and deeper course of study that leads students to mastery of each benchmark as they move from grade to grade.

Ron Larson is a professor of mathematics at Penn State University in Erie, where he has taught since receiving his Ph.D. in mathematics from the University of Colorado in 1970. Dr. Larson is well known as the lead author of a comprehensive program for mathematics that spans middle school, high school, and college courses. His high school and Advanced Placements books are published by Holt-McDougal. Dr. Larson's numerous professional activities keep him in constant touch with the needs of students, teachers, and supervisors. Ron and Laurie began writing together in 1992. Since that time, they have authored over two dozen textbooks.

Laurie Boswell is a mathematics teacher at The Riverside School in Lyndonville, Vermont. A recipient of the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics Teaching, Laurie has taught mathematics to students at all levels, elementary through college. In addition, Laurie was a Tandy Technology Scholar, and served on the NCTM Board of Directors from 2002 to 2005. She currently serves on the board of NCSM, and is a popular national speaker. Along with Dr. Ron Larson, Laurie has co-authored numerous math programs. In this program, Laurie has compiled her many years of classroom experience into a feature in the Teacher Editions called "Laurie's Notes".